Asagi is first shown as a right hand man of Blue King. He is the most complicated character and has a wrecked up personality.

He hates the Red King and The Red King hates him back. he was using the blue king as a pawn and after his death, he declares to Shuri that he is the true Blue King. He used underhand tactics to achieve his goals. He feels attracted to Sarasa and learns that she is Tatara when he catches Shinbashi taking a letter to red king. He is the only one who knows the true identity of Sarasa and Shuri and that they both love each other yet are fighting unknown to each others identities and that makes him laugh too hard. He is loved by his sister Ginko who is the daughter of the empror aka White king who loves peace. At the end, it is shown that he was following the orders of the white king and when Asagi tries to fight for sarasa against Ginko, Ginko tells him that she picked her up from a dirt basket like she did the other kinds and that he is not the true blue king. He gets out of control and tries to kill her but stops and decides to die in the collapsing palace along with Ginko but Nachi and Hijiri come ang take him out. He also reveals that the white king ie ginko, didn't wanted anyone to survive. She wanted Tatara dead, red king dead, all the kingdom dead and also herself dead. Later it is revealed that Ginko was married of to a merchant by the orders of empror but the emperor falsely accuses her husband a trader and assassinates him. Gingko cries in the palace for her husband when the emperor enters her room and says that he has to do it. He also says that she is getting beautiful and a splitting image of her mother but the old hag is getting on in years. And he rapes his own daughter and her mother sees it but because she is in greed of keeping her title as the queen, ignores it. Later, Ginko is shown feeding a baby boy and after that throws him saying "little bastard." She then hears that the emperor has a new born son who's name meant blue precious stone so she named her son Asagi which is also a shade of blue but pale. thus it is revealed that Asagi is the son of Ginko and the empror. And I was just wondering that Shuri (red king)is his brother as well as uncle. near the end,Before returning to the palace and getting away from his troop, he asks Sarasa that who would she choose, him or Shuri. she says that she would chose his friends before. He is seen with a gloomy face and he kisses her leaving his blue earing in Sarasa's mouth and takes off to the empror's palace which collapses. But he was saved bu Nachi & Hijiri. later on he is accompanied with Muratake and he adopts a little girl who was lost and enjoys his life along with those too.

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